Orange for Travelers

Increase the digital footprint of the Orange Holiday offer on the american market


Orange for travelers requested ICI CLC to optimize its digital awareness on ecommerce platforms and to implement dedicated campaigns in the US market.

Orange for Travelers

The business development director of the Orange for Travelers division has missioned ICI CLC to assist its department in defining its digital strategy and selecting the agency in charge of deploying this strategy.


  • Blueprint and diagnosis
  • Defining strategy and KPIs
  • Management and selection of digital agencies
  • Performance review and adjustments


  • Developing the awareness of the Orange Holidays offer to the U.S. market through a dedicated influencer strategy
  • X2 the conversion rate across all ecommerce platforms.


  • An Orange team and partners in start-up mode.
  • An agile methodology to execute quickly the approved strategy


  • Creating a viral strategy for the most relevant influencers in the Californian and New York region
  • Persona development and message optimization at each touchpoint of the customer journey before and after travel
  • Defining performance indicators
  • Selecting an agency based in the United States


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