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Here is such an inspiring podcast from the #AskGaryVee  podcast on the hospitality business. Always great advice on how to grow business and the choices to make « Doing always beats thinking ». « Podcast Listeners, on this episode of #AskGaryVee, I sit down with Faisal Sublaban aka @thehotelboss and discuss the importance of DOING instead of just thinking about building your business. Enjoy, and I hope you’re going to love this episode! » Source : A Hospitality Mindset Works On Everything | #AskGaryVee 322 with Faisal Sublaban
This podcast actually reminds me of an interesting article I read this summer.  Just read the title : « You’re not lazy. You’re not bored or unmotivated ». Further in the article, here is what I would call the answer:  » What you are — what all of us are — is afraid. » https://forge.medium.com/youre-not-lazy-bored-or-unmotivated-35891b1f3376 It occurred to me many times to sit on a project not because I was unmotivated, I was just afraid. It would be easy to say what I was most afraid of, sometimes it was failure, sometimes what other people might think but truly I guess it was all mostly uncounscious. Anyway this article is a good kick to think less and do more.